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Carpet Cleaning

The BMC Group provides an expert carpet cleaning service for your business. Our carpet cleaning service is performed by well trained, knowledgeable cleaning staff using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your offices looks neat and clean.

Customised Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service will be fully tailored where we will recommend the ideal method based on efficiency, material to be cleaned and your immediate requirements. We provide carpet cleaning to all business sectors and are able to clean any type of carpets, large or small, delicate or heavy duty.

One of two carpet cleaning methods will be used to ensure dirt, grime, stains and allergens are removed from your carpet:

The Orbot® Spayborg Cleaning System

The Orbot™ or Orbital Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary machine that has taken the cleaning industry by storm. It is one of the most compact, versatile and efficient cleaning systems used in commercial and residential cleaning.

The BMC Group is proud to offer this incredible cleaning machine for use in both commercial and residential cleaning spaces to expertly clean even the harshest stains, grime, dirt and more off carpets or any hard floor with a system that has been skilfully designed to be the toughest machine in the industry.

  • Low-moisture green encapsulation system
  • Conserves water
  • Carpets dry in minutes
  • Eliminates recurring stains
  • Lifts and rejuvenates carpet pile
  • Leaves no sticky residue

The Orbot was designed to support a healthy, green environment by improving indoor air quality.
The Orbot can help eliminate mould growth, mildew, VOC’s, toxic chemical use and other harmful matters.
The Orbot uses up to 10 times less water compared to other carpet cleaning methods.

Get More Information: The Orbot Spayborg Cleaning Machine System 

Wet Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method

If you have difficult to reach areas such as under auditorium seating then the wet extraction carpet cleaning method will be recommended in combination with the VLM The Orbot® Spayborg Cleaning System.

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