Tyvek Wristbands

While Tyvek may be unfamiliar to many, wristbands and at least some of their more common uses are likely to be quite familiar. For example, anyone who has attended an open-air music festival in recent years will probably have been issued with one of these items, when it was provided as a means of confirming their right of entry and, where appropriate, their re-entry following a temporary absence. In the case of an event that may take place over several days, these bracelet-like markers serve to perpetuate that right of entry throughout its duration.

The Nature of Tyvek Wristbands and Their Possible Uses

Because it is a particularly lightweight material, the Tyvek used to make wristbands for this purpose and similar uses is often confused with paper, that is, until one should attempt to tear it. It is in fact a brand name applied to a wholly synthetic product that is flash-spun from fibres of high-density polyethylene. The fibres are multi-directional and fused together by the combined action of heat and pressure. The result is a substance that is particularly strong and resistant to tearing, but which may be cut easily with either a knife or a pair of scissors. The material is permeable to water in its vapour state but not in liquid form and is often installed in sheet-form by construction companies for waterproofing purposes. Other applications include disposable coveralls, secure envelopes and a longer-lasting substrate for driving licences.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek in the form of wristbands also lends itself to uses for which a high level of durability is likely to be an important requirement. Although typically employed as a security measure, their positioning and their design have also seen them gain widespread popularity for a rather different purpose. While still serving primarily as the means to confirm the wearer’s eligibility for some paid-up privilege, such as access to a concert, an exhibition, a VIP lounge or a nightclub, the same device may also be of considerable value in the secondary role of a promotional tool.

Event organisers all around the globe now also elect to leverage the power of such promotional uses for Tyvek wristbands. Their large and colourful surfaces present the ideal medium on which to print a company logo and a sales message from a welcome sponsor or two. Moreover, since these devices are wearable, that message will be visible wherever the wearer may be at any time throughout the full duration of the associated event.

One should not lose sight of the security requirements however, and the composition of these devices serves to make them particularly tamper-proof. This means, for instance, that having once established him or herself at a bar as eligible to consume alcohol, not only will it be unnecessary for the wearer to repeat the process, but he or she will also find it impossible to transfer a Tyvek wristband for use by an underage friend without visibly damaging it.

These devices are increasingly replacing the old-fashioned admission ticket and the hand-stamping process used for security. They are inexpensive and by far the most effective form of security offered at this point, making them a desirable option for sponsorship or a handy source of revenue from advertising. Talk to us, at IDCBand, about Tyvek wristbands and their possible uses.

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