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We offer flytraps for use in the home, stables, restaurants, canteens, hospitals and anywhere else that they are needed.

Our specialised flytraps are aesthetically pleasing and hides trapped flies. They are completely safe to use around children and pets as there are no chemicals or pesticides, smells and odours or noise.

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Spring is definitely here, especially in Johannesburg where the Jasmine are starting to bloom and the birds are starting to chirp a little earlier. You probably feel like it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and do an annual spring clean in your office or commercial space.

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Whether your commercial office space is big or small, it will need thorough, regular cleaning to avoid dust, germs and bacteria from manifesting and worse, spreading. You may do this cleaning yourself, or you may employ a permanent employee to do this for you, however using a commercial cleaning services company to clean your office or building for you has many advantages, here’s why:

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