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How to Keep your Office Pest Free

Every office has pests and it is no simple task to keep them out. Pests such as ants, bugs, bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders and even mice can and will find their way into any space where there is food, water and warmth.

Pest control is extremely important in an office environment and eradicating pests will keep your staff, clients and neighbours happy and healthy. Did you know that even the seemingly cleanest offices attract bugs and pests so all efforts need to be made to prevent this from happening.

Here are a few tips to help keep pest out of your office:

Keep all food stored in sealed containers and preferably in the fridge. There should be no open food on desks, in drawers or on counter tops unless currently being eaten.

Identify problem areas. Monitor where pests most commonly occur. This is usually around rubbish bins, fridges and food cupboards. Once you’ve identified these problem areas you can treat it.

Clean up. This is vitally important in pest control and managing unwanted pests.

  • Make sure that all rubbish bins are emptied daily, especially if they contain food.
  • Sanitize the office by using disinfectant sprays and polishes.
  • Dust regularly. Spider webs and dust are a hot spot for spiders, bed bugs and allergy causing mites.
  • Clean out your fridge at least once a month, and if used by many people, once a week is probably better.
  • Remove clutter so that it cannot collect dust
  • Sanitise telephones, keypads and desktops daily especially if these are in a communal area such as reception.


Make it part of your company culture. In order for an office to stay clean, the input and buy in of all that use the space is paramount! Have a “clean up” half hour once a week, where everyone consciously removes clutter, food and waste from their work area. This will prevent ants and cockroaches crawling around their space.

Call in a professional pest control company; using the pro’s is an important step in keeping your office consistently clean and pest free. These professionals are excellent in pest eradication and will use various fumigation or chemical techniques to rid unwanted guests, without causing any harm to employees.

As a business owner your will always want your staff to be happy and healthy. A clean and sanitised office is one way to ensure this which only means more productivity for your business.

Professional Pest Control Service

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