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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Office

Did you know that the average office desk can support up to 10 million bacteria? That is 400 times more than a toilet seat! The importance of a clean office cannot be underestimated.

With spring just around the corner why not get your offices clean and feeling fresh with some of these great cleaning tips.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Get Rid of the Clutter
The best place to start with spring cleaning in your office is your own desk. A cluttered desk can be a refuge for dirt and bacteria. Throw away all unwanted paper, magazines, broken stationery and other bits and pieces around your workspace. Create a filing system for all your important documents.

Dust First
With your office clear of clutter, you can start to spring clean with some dusting. Dusting should be done first as debris will often fall to the floor. Ensure you dust all surfaces, including computers, aircons, lights, doors and windows.

With your office dust free, its time to get the vacuum. Vacuum every inch of the office floor, start in one corner and work methodically to ensure you do not miss any areas.

Systematic Spring Clean
To give your office a quality spring cleaning you need a good system. Clean systematically, from top to the bottom, and left to right so that you cover every inch of the office. Use a microfiber cloth and good cleaning detergent and wipe down all surfaces, including cupboards, chairs, desks and counter tops.

Download our Spring Cleaning Checklist for free.

Disinfect your Telephone
Electronics such as your telephone can harbour loads of germs. You can use disinfectant wipes to wipe down your phone and other electronics in your office. Just be careful with sensitive electronic equipment so as not to damage it in any way.

Get a Recycle Bin

A recycle bin for all your paper and unwanted documents is a great way to keep your office and desk clean.

Regular Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a great way to get your office clean and looking neat and tidy. But the best way to keep your office clean all year round is to schedule regular cleaning.
Download our Office Cleaning Checklist Template for your office. It’s a cleaning checklist to help keep your office clean all year round.

Spring Cleaning Service
Don’t have the time to follow our spring cleaning tips above? Then leave the spring cleaning to the professionals. We offer an affordable spring cleaning service for your business.

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