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The cost of not using a professional cleaning services company

There are many companies that do not employ the services of professional cleaning services and instead choose to employ permanent staff to do the job. They will often choose someone who is cheap and not experienced in commercial office spaces, these people are also expected to perform jobs such as tea/coffee making or administration in order to cut costs. In many cases these people are spread too thin and the result is a severe lack in hygiene and cleanliness in the office. The costs of hiring a professional cleaning services company far outweigh the costs of what could happen if you didn’t:

  1. Increase in sick days and time off: A germ infested office leads to one thing; people getting sick. By not getting rid of germs and bacteria that can fester in your office immediately could mean that you lose thousands of Rands by staff members being absent from work.
  2. Decrease in morale: No one likes to work in an unclean office, it is demotivating and subconsciously makes people think that they are not valuable to the company. “If my boss can’t bother to keep the environment clean, then surely he doesn’t respect me and my health?” As everyone knows a decrease in morale means a decrease in productivity and could ultimately lead to losing excellent staff members to competitors.
  3. Decrease in productivity: It has been proven by numerous studies that for workers to achieve their maximum productivity levels, they need to work in an environment that is clutter and dirt free. If a professional cleaning services company isn’t used to clean on a regular basis, bacteria, germs and dust may gather, causing borderline illnesses such as hayfever, colds, headaches and sore throats. If workers are still present at work and suffer from these ailments they definitely will not be able to work at their maximum productivity levels.
  4. Bad reputation: If your company has regular visits from clients and suppliers they will be able to see that your office isn’t cleaned effectively and the word will spread. The reputation of having a dirty office may lead to conclusions that the service your company provides is equally as sub-standard. This is definitely not an image you will want to portray.

Outsourcing your office cleaning is far more beneficial and cost effective than you think. Give ou Service team a call today for a free quotation and leave your office cleaning to the experts.

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