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5 Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Luckily South Africa doesn’t experience snow storms and blizzards, however our winters can definitely be a challenge as they are cold, dry in some parts, wet in others and overall our buildings aren’t really prepared for winter, including the onslaught of germs and bacteria. It is therefore important to encourage regular office cleaning and here are some tips to keep your office clean and a happy place during winter:

  1. Disinfect regularly – with all the coughing and sneezing that goes on in winter you will want to make sure that your office is disinfected daily. Germs and bacteria thrive in warm offices and it is therefore important to disinfect desks, phones, keyboards and counter tops. Make sure that the areas where there are many people such as reception and meeting rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  2. Purify the air – one of the best ways to minimise germs in winter is to use an air purifier in your office. These can be bought at almost any pharmacy and help to eliminate air born germs. This will mean that less of your staff get infected with nasty winter bugs.
  3. Dust on a weekly basis – When doors and windows are always closed and the heaters are on indoor pollutants circulate the air with no form of escape and settle on many office surfaces. Make sure you dust and clean all surfaces regularly during the winter months. Johannesburg is particularly dry in winter and dust particles are rife in Highveld areas such as this. Keeping your office clean and free of clutter will also help to eliminate dust.
  4. Keep hand sanitizers and disinfectants handy – hand sanitizers are an excellent way to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Place a large pump bottle at your reception desk and any other high volume areas such as kitchens and meeting rooms. Encourage your staff to use these often.
  5. Deep clean – if time and budget allows, try to hire an office cleaning company to clean your office before and after winter. This way you will be sure to eliminate all the germs that managed to settle in your office during the winter months.

If you are looking for a reliable office cleaning service, be sure to contact us today. read more about the benefits of a professional office cleaning service.

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