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How to choose the right contract cleaning company

When deciding to use a contract cleaning company to clean your premises, it’s important to choose a professional and reliable service. In order to choose the best service, you can follow a few guidelines:

Contract Cleaning Company

  1. Pricing – When asking for quotes get at least three quotes so that you have a substantial amount of comparison to choose from. It is not advisable to choose the cheapest service as quality of cleaning may be compromised. However this is not true for all companies and you will need to use your judgement and speak to references in order to assess whether the cheapest service is the best service.
  2. Testimonials – Once you’ve chosen a cleaning company you like, it is advisable to speak to a reputable reference or ask for testimonials from previously satisfied clients. Where possible, speak to the client directly and don’t rely fully on the word of the company.
  3. Contract – Ask for a contract before beginning work. You will then be able to assess whether you are liable for any additional costs that you weren’t aware of previously. This also ensures that work is carried out professionally and that both parties are sure of what is expected of them. Make sure that the contract doesn’t lock you in for a long period of time and that there is suitable recourse should you not be happy with the service.
  4. Insurance – It is important to ask whether the cleaning company you’ve chosen has insurance against any accidents that may happen to their contract cleaners whilst on your premises. Ask to see the proof o insurance, you do not want to be left with the headache and costs of a legal case should an accident occur.
  5. Experience – Consider what areas the cleaning company has experience in. Do they clean mainly industrial premises or medical waste products or do they only have experience in cleaning high access windows. Should you need a unique cleaning service, make sure that the cleaning company you choose has the relevant experience.

Once you have all these details you will be able to make an informed decision and hire the best cleaning company for your needs.

If you are looking for reliable contract cleaning services, be sure to contact us today. We are experienced in all types of contract cleaning solutions.

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